Monday, February 16, 2015

you want me to do this?

You want me to talk about love.
  Well I am in love with someone.
     I think she/he knows but doesn't care.
      But that's alright. It's him/her loss right?
       Or is it mine because i don't have balls to even talk to Him/her. I wish I could but everyone would say something like your just in it for the money or something like that and I hate when people say that so I just dont have the balls to talk to him/her.

      What should I do leave a comment below and tell me.
    Talk to you later


  1. Forget people. What they say shouldn't matter. Go for it my friend. Whether it works or not-it's always worth a shot

  2. Dont play it safe cause youre never gonna know unless you risk it all.
    Let us know how it goes!

  3. Is she rich? Why would people say you're just in it for the money?