Monday, May 4, 2015

Guess what

I experimented today. I experimented something I am starting to like. Do you what to know what it is? You know what you probably don't care. Just like in class how you guys really don't care about what people say when they go in front of class. After like 3 to 4 people go you kinda just don't listen anymore, you sit there kinda zone out and after they finish you snap because that's what everyone does right. You start to get tired and start to fall asleep then Nelson gets up and yells out of nowhere and it scares you (but you still don't listen to him). You wake up but then start to fall asleep so you start talking to your friend then Nelson gets annoyed and just turns on video he was trying to tell us about.
You know what I'm going to tell you. I took of my headphone to listen to what people say and I look around and some people don't care enough about what people say. They don't care about this class just like Nelson said some people are in here just for an English credit And I know that was me but I'm tell you Nelson if you read this I'm going to start listening and blogging I know it's kinda late now but I don't  want to have a class that could help me and just not care about  it. So in advance  thanks for teaching me nelson.


  1. Please read my other ones i wrote in the monah of may ---------->

  2. i i don't really know what to comment, except that im glad this is real. your honesty is refreshing