Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The Girl

So I noticed that i talk about a girl that you don't even know about. You don't know what she's like, what she does, why I like her so much. Well I'll tell you about her. she's the prettiest  girl in the world, she's got dark blonde hair, she has brown eyes that sparkle every time I look at them, she looks good in hats because I think that when girls wear hats it the cutest. But she thinks that she doesn't look cute in them so she won't wear them. She loves sports Like alot. I've only known her for about one year now but I feel like I've known her for ever. For some of you reading this you may know who it is but if you don't hers some more hints. She plays soccer and she's a senior so you can try to find her and if you do find out who it is comment below and tell me who you think it is. Also I may post a picture of her before we graduate.

  Thanks from nobody


  1. haha sorry i have absolutely no idea who this is, so i wont try to guess but i love this post. i love your bravery and she sounds like a lucky girl. don't let her get away