Monday, May 4, 2015

the letter

Dear self
this is your heart speaking. I think you should finally listen. It's been a long time since you used me I know that there's dark parts of me that you don't want to tell people and I'm sorry for that. But I think it's time to start using me because before you know it most of your friends are going to be gone, and your going to lose everything. So, I think you should take those headphones off and start hanging out with them.

 This is to the girl that doesn't like us like we like you. We wish you just gave us a chance. You wouldn't have know what we would have done for you. I would have given you everything that I possibly could have gave you. I would have been your hero that you always talked about. but we don't think you will every let us try because we are going in the navy and your going to college. But just remember  I love you And I'll always be there for you.StarStruck - Hero [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO] - YouTube

Back to you like I said if you don't start using my your going to be the old man that always wished that he talked to that girl, laid everything you could have possibly have done. Don't be the one with all the cats. Just think about it.


   Love ya
         From nobody's heart

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  1. i like the last paragraph. a lot. thanks for sharing.