Monday, May 11, 2015


Here's some real talk.

I like to party but I've never been to a real party. What are you going to do about it, have a party and invite me? I dare you to do that, you know why because I probably  won't  show up any way.

I invite people to hang out but they always have plans.That's crap how can a person have everyday booked. Like the other day I asked my friend if he wanted to hang out. You know what he said, I have plans I was like ok what about the next day he said the same thing! What plans do you have I didn't even tell you what time. Ugh this is frustrating, but it's real talk right. Now that tracks over I go straight home I don't even talk to my friends and see what there doing because they'll just say I have plans.

Here's some more the blogs are the second hardest things in this class, the first is the journal. Nelson expects us to fill a whole page. That crap I can barely  get a half of a page. I know some people can fill a whole page but it's still hard And what do we do on the pages that we weren't  here for just write about what the topic is?

But real talk schools almost over and we are done like forever most everyone in this class is almost done grade school, so let's make this last few weeks mean something alright. This maybe my last post.

This is nobody signing off

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The Girl

So I noticed that i talk about a girl that you don't even know about. You don't know what she's like, what she does, why I like her so much. Well I'll tell you about her. she's the prettiest  girl in the world, she's got dark blonde hair, she has brown eyes that sparkle every time I look at them, she looks good in hats because I think that when girls wear hats it the cutest. But she thinks that she doesn't look cute in them so she won't wear them. She loves sports Like alot. I've only known her for about one year now but I feel like I've known her for ever. For some of you reading this you may know who it is but if you don't hers some more hints. She plays soccer and she's a senior so you can try to find her and if you do find out who it is comment below and tell me who you think it is. Also I may post a picture of her before we graduate.

  Thanks from nobody

Monday, May 4, 2015

Guess what

I experimented today. I experimented something I am starting to like. Do you what to know what it is? You know what you probably don't care. Just like in class how you guys really don't care about what people say when they go in front of class. After like 3 to 4 people go you kinda just don't listen anymore, you sit there kinda zone out and after they finish you snap because that's what everyone does right. You start to get tired and start to fall asleep then Nelson gets up and yells out of nowhere and it scares you (but you still don't listen to him). You wake up but then start to fall asleep so you start talking to your friend then Nelson gets annoyed and just turns on video he was trying to tell us about.
You know what I'm going to tell you. I took of my headphone to listen to what people say and I look around and some people don't care enough about what people say. They don't care about this class just like Nelson said some people are in here just for an English credit And I know that was me but I'm tell you Nelson if you read this I'm going to start listening and blogging I know it's kinda late now but I don't  want to have a class that could help me and just not care about  it. So in advance  thanks for teaching me nelson.


SHOES. SHOES. SHOES. is that all people care about now. They rather buy a pair of $800 Jordans that they will never take out of the box then food. I've had a friend save all his lunch money to get a pair of shoes he wore once. Like legit he got a speck of dirt on then and he never wore them again. Like I know they are cool looking but then you have to match the socks and then everything else, but if you think about it shoes are the most fashional  piece of clothing that people have. But it have to match everything or there not cool.

   I don't know what I'm talking about.

the big reveal

I think most of you know who this is but I'll just tell you a little about myself. I'm the quite one but always says one or two thing that really help the class. I'm the one that listens to music because I'm scared. I'm scared of all of you, I'm scared of Nelson because I don't know if he serious or not, I'm scared that you all will judge me if I get up in front of class and read my work. I'm scared that my works to bad that if I get up front of that class and read it Nelson will tell me to get out. I don't know how I'm going to do the final or the white elephant  thing because that in front of every one. This is another reason I never write on here but I think I can do it now.

   So for everyone that doesn't know who this.

 My name is Bryan not Faulk it's Bryan

the letter

Dear self
this is your heart speaking. I think you should finally listen. It's been a long time since you used me I know that there's dark parts of me that you don't want to tell people and I'm sorry for that. But I think it's time to start using me because before you know it most of your friends are going to be gone, and your going to lose everything. So, I think you should take those headphones off and start hanging out with them.

 This is to the girl that doesn't like us like we like you. We wish you just gave us a chance. You wouldn't have know what we would have done for you. I would have given you everything that I possibly could have gave you. I would have been your hero that you always talked about. but we don't think you will every let us try because we are going in the navy and your going to college. But just remember  I love you And I'll always be there for you.StarStruck - Hero [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO] - YouTube

Thursday, March 19, 2015


A brick can be anyone. It could be your parents your friends. A brick can also be a brick like the red clay that they for in to a box type thing. My brick is my cousin I can tell him anything and he will do any or say anything to help. So who's your brick tell me. Comment down below.