Monday, May 11, 2015


Here's some real talk.

I like to party but I've never been to a real party. What are you going to do about it, have a party and invite me? I dare you to do that, you know why because I probably  won't  show up any way.

I invite people to hang out but they always have plans.That's crap how can a person have everyday booked. Like the other day I asked my friend if he wanted to hang out. You know what he said, I have plans I was like ok what about the next day he said the same thing! What plans do you have I didn't even tell you what time. Ugh this is frustrating, but it's real talk right. Now that tracks over I go straight home I don't even talk to my friends and see what there doing because they'll just say I have plans.

Here's some more the blogs are the second hardest things in this class, the first is the journal. Nelson expects us to fill a whole page. That crap I can barely  get a half of a page. I know some people can fill a whole page but it's still hard And what do we do on the pages that we weren't  here for just write about what the topic is?

But real talk schools almost over and we are done like forever most everyone in this class is almost done grade school, so let's make this last few weeks mean something alright. This maybe my last post.

This is nobody signing off


  1. ive never been to a real party either. ive heard they aren't that great-idk maybe thats just what people tell me so i dont feel bad. but i feel this post. a lot.

  2. Holy cow I didn't mean to post it yet

  3. "I like to party but I've never been to a real party."

    That is real talk.

    And screw friends like that.
    And just freaking write, man. Just freaking write.